tilt one: i know you may roll your eyes at this, but i’m so glad that you exist.

Things I Love Thursday

♥ Bad polaroid pictures with chlorine hair.
Speaks for itself, huh? We ended up messing up two pictures putting in the new film. Haha.
♥ Time with friends. It’s uber-important because I won’t be around constantly to see them soon, and also because my friends are some of the most amazing people in the universe and so so so much fun.
♥ Pancakes. Especially warm and with strawberries. 🙂
♥ Wild blackberries and “tommy toes”. I ate some of these at my grandpa’s the other day, and I had, like, a foodgasm. I don’t know any other way to explain it. I literally fell back on the couch and blissed out on blackberries.
♥ Doing my first TILT! I’d wanted to do Things I Love Thursday for a long time and I just never did, so it makes me happy to be doing it now.
♥ Swimming when it gets dark. There were bats hovering over our pool!
♥ Discovering Kina Grannis through Mindy’s favorited videos on YouTube.
She has such an awe-inspiring voice. Go listen to her!

Surprise attack picture Kabie took. I’m in a box!

♥ Heart-shaped sunglasses.
I was super happy when I saw that they’d arrived in our mailbox. I was worried they’d be REALLY HUGE or flimsy or something, but they’re perfect.
♥ Fireflies. There were a ton outside tonight, and I caught one (and let it go about two seconds later). I always used to get sad when kids would squish ’em and use them for earrings, but now we’re older and no one seems to care much about fireflies–which is sad, too, in a way–but I can just stand outside and enjoy them.
♥ Getting Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath and Bodyworks stuff. It’s my favorite scent, and they were having a big sell when Nan and I went to the mall.
♥ Buying colorful things for my dorm. Always something I love. 😀
♥ Hearing kids sing. I watched a bunch of videos from the choir Gala Darling had in one of her posts, and I cannot tell you how great it is to see children actually enthusiastic about singing, kids with awesome voices and an energetic director. I just wish my town had more of that.
♥ Getting along with my brother. It doesn’t happen often, but Hunter and I swam and played in the pool today and had loads of fun. He’s not such a bad little bugger…just way too hyper!

Annnnd the last Thing I Love Thursday is…

♥ I’m heading for the beach tomorrow!
Okay, so technically it didn’t happen within the last week, but still! I’ll try to update either while I’m there or when I get back with pretty beach pictures. 🙂



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4 responses to “tilt one: i know you may roll your eyes at this, but i’m so glad that you exist.

  1. Awww!
    I would feel loved just being one of your friends and reading this, but thank you much for the compliments! Lol <333 And I'm glad I lead you to Kina Grannis.
    Everyone should go outside and enjoy the fireflies. I’ve always loved them.

    • Re: Awww!
      And when I get famous (lol) I must have you keep me supplied in cute clothes and accesories. 🙂 *is thinking of the awesome legwarmers…*

      • Re: Awww!
        Heehee. I can do that! 😀 Though, if you ARE famous, you’ll have plenty of people to keep you supplied.
        Also, you’re welcome, and yes, I LOVE Kina’s voice! And her curly hair. n_n I’d have more videos of friends up, I’m sure, if we could convince some of them to sing…I keep good company. Haha. We should all do a video together sometime.

      • Re: Awww!
        We should all do a video, if we could get everyone to be uninhibited. XD That’s something we must work on.

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