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SUPERSIZED Things I Love Thursday

This includes things that happened BEFORE this week, since I skipped so many TiLTs!

♥ Buying cute earrings (bananas and gumball machines!).
♥ My job.
♥ Getting occassional rides to and from that job.
♥ Also getting days off that job, ’cause work wears me out even if I do enjoy it.
♥ Going out to eat with friends.
♥ Replaying Titantic moments on top of a kid’s wooden ship.
♥ Meeting people with whom I can discuss literature and NaNoWriMo.
♥ Hanging out with Sarah.
♥ Riding around town with Kyley.
♥ Having little hints from the universe that I’m following the right path.
♥ “God is good! All the time!”
♥ Making a birthday video for a friend.
♥ Customizing a pair of Converse online.
♥ Being in a bookstore.
♥ Finding out that–shock!–I actually like and am pretty good at organizing.
♥ Friendship fruit freeze.
♥ Moving to a new dorm.
♥ Team building with the GOOs and the following chill time at Schroeders.
♥ Kids at the CDC, most specifically Halle, Beth, and Erene. (And, okay, Alex and Charlie and Maddie. And…)
♥ Getting Pablo to warm up to me. (:
♥ Having a beautiful view right outside my dorm.
♥ Learning that Ms. Ann fixed the scheduling at the CDC so I’ll have help. (Thank you!)
♥ My Kabie Baby Bear.
♥ Finishing a video I’ve been working on, even though I’m probably the only one who’ll understand it.
♥ Getting a spiral perm.
♥ Decorating my dorm room.
♥ Late night Walmart trips.
♥ Good Chinese food.
♥ Learning how to do more things at work.
♥ Finding out that, finally, age doesn’t feel like such a huge obstacle.
♥ “Birthday sex! Birthday sex!”
♥  Ford Cat.
♥ Getting lost in Rome.
♥ Getting to know new people (see: coworkers).
♥ Becoming more and more the person I want to be every day. 😀



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