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Ideas and Updates

Oh my goodness, I’m actually updating my blog, and it’s not a Thursday! What could this mean? The end of the world? Another advice article? Complaining about sex-ed or GLBT rights or college or Southern attitudes? Mais non!

The thing is, I’ve really been wracking my brain to figure out what I could do to keep this blog more active and more interesting. My personal TiLT lists will be around every week, since they’ve had some degree of success and generally just make me happy, but TiLT lists alone can’t make up a blog.

So, what to do?

Let’s talk about some things that are coming up…

♥ More themed days. As I said, TiLT can’t comprise the entirety of my blog, but it does keep me updating from week to week. One of my friends, in addition to TiLT, is trying out something called “Music Mondays” where he, surprise!, talks about and recommends some music, and I think he has the right idea. Although I don’t want to nab his “Music Mondays”, I’m considering doing something along those lines. I’ve been toying with a few ideas, and I’ve decided that I’m either going to make a decision on one and start it this week or try a few different themes in the next couple of weeks and see which seems to fit the best. Feedback would definitely help in this process!

♥ Possible guest entries. Although I’m trying to build my own small pile of entries before inviting others to add to it, I’m very interested in having some people write guest entries in the not-so-distant future. I’m not sure exactly what these entries would revolve around; that will, of course, depend on the specialties of the person doing the entry! Luckily, I’m blessed to know some very talented people, and I already have a few in mind to ask about contributing.

♥ April. I’m not going to go into too much detail about this yet, but I will say that there are several things going on in April that are important to me. In light of these events, I plan to devote the month of April to blogging about issues that are going on the world and also to highlighting groups and events that are helping to deal with these issues.

Aside from the new entries I have planned, there are also a few changes that are going to be made to the blog itself.

♥ Adding a mixpod player to the sidebar. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already noticed the ipod-like music playlist to your right. I figured that since I’m going on about music I like all the time, I might as well display it so that you can listen to it!

♥ (Coming Soon) Making a separate links list on my “Beautiful Places Elsewhere on the Web” just for blogs. I’ve been sorting and searching lately to find blogs that really inspire me, and of course I want you to be able to get inspired, too. I’ll be bringing a list of these blogs to my links page soon.

♥ Possibly having a page here for my Month-Long Self-Portrait project. I’d rather not seem egotistical, but being someone who doesn’t really use flickr and is wanting to do something interesting with the self-photography project I have planned, I very well may set my photos up on a separate page here with little explanations about each of them. Although this project was something I wanted to do for my 101 in 1001 list, I’m actually thinking that I might make a change to it and simply take a picture every day for a month that says something about me, not necessarily a self-portrait. Time will tell…

♥ Slight aesthetics adjustments. The overall look of Breadcrumbs is about to get a very small tweaking. There won’t be many changes, since I like the clean look it has already, but I’ll be adding some personal touches.

That’s all for right now! Enjoy the last day of your weekend, and look forward to more entries coming to Breadcrumbs soon.


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TiLT: Let’s Just Keep on Dancin’

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TiLT: Beautiful Things Can Come From the Dark

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

(can’t remember the photographer! will find out)

♥ The fact that Thursday means this week is almost over. These past three days have been rather testy for me, so I’m ready to start my weekend and come back refreshed. Almost there!

Throwing apples as a stress reliever.

♥ Meeting the Psych professors at my college. This week, my Orientation to Psychology class has consisted of having professors come in, introduce themselves, their expertise, and their interests, and answer whatever questions we may have. Everyone we’ve met so far has been pretty much incredible. I love my department. 🙂

♥ Being able to write again. I’ve been stuck for words lately when I’ve really needed to write from an emotional standpoint, so I’m happy that I finally seem to be breaking out of that.

♥ Warmer weather.

♥ Last weekend. I had an excellent dinner and conversation with a friend, then went to another friend’s house with a group of people I love very much. We watched Disney movies, had more good conversations, and attempted to record our singing together….which was fun, despite the fact that we never got a good-quality recording. Next time!

photo by David Slade (in front of our building of financial doom, no less)

♥ Coming back on campus to meet an army of melting snowmen.

♥ Setting up an interview time at my hopeful place of employment next year. I worry that I’ll be considered too liberal for my college to put me in this particular position, but I was honest on my application and I will be honest in my interview. I’m hoping that they’ll see that I genuinely care about the issues I’ve mentioned and about people and also that I’m trying hard to do the right thing, not just push my own agenda…and they’ll hire me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

♥ My new writing journal. I can’t help it, okay? I’m addicted to journals. D:

♥ My ankle feeling better after I twisted it last Tuesday…and again on Sunday!

♥ Having dress clothes. I just feel more prepared now. I had next to nothing in that regard when I came here, and now I’m ready for fieldwork and interviews and maaaaybe even semi-formals. …But probably not. XP

♥ Getting writing comments/critiques. I love it when people take time to point out what’s wrong with my writing in a non-rude way. It means that a) they aren’t just skimming through it and saying “good job! love it!” to be nice and b) they care about what I care about, which is working to make the writers out there even better. That said, I also love getting comments like, say, this one:

“i agree with the other reviewers. your words are so powerful and delicate.

the story itself shows everything and could easily be the most memorable thing i have ever read.”



This was so beautiful. I’m sitting here in my English class and the teacher is talking, yet I’m sitting on this laptop and reading, like my eyes can’t be torn away from this. I want to cry after reading this, like I’m overflowing with emotion or something. I loved the last line the best.

I’m still in shock.”

Touching people is exactly what I want to do through my writing, so to hear that I have is all I can ask for. More than I can ask for.

♥ Seeing two of my friends start their own TiLTs! This is probably one of my favorite things this week, since I really believe in the idea of practicing gratitude and looking for the little joys in your life, and all of us have a hard time doing that at some point. I can only imagine how happy Gala, the original creator of TiLT, feels watching more and more people add their positivity to the mix each week.

You know the drill…what are you loving this Thursday? (:

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TiLT: There’s Nothing Here to Run From (We Live in a Beautiful World)

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

from here

♥ Watching the realm of possibility peel open like a flower. Last week, I said that I was excited to finally be finding some purpose on campus. Since then, that purpose has absolutely exploded. I can’t say too much yet, especially since I don’t know if it’s going to work out exactly how I’d like…but it looks very, very good, even so. This is the most exhilarated and motivated I’ve felt in a long time.

♥ The term “Two Thousand and Amen”. I think it will be quite befitting of 2010.

♥ Hints from the Universe that say, “Yes, do THAT!”.

♥ The rainbow after the rain.

♥ Dressing extra-warm and not letting the weather bother me. That’s right. T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt, big reversible coat (turned on the bright pink side today!), striped gloves, and pajama pants under jeans. I was ready. Bring it on, weather!

♥ Rodeo chicken sandwiches. I don’t even know why I like these things so much, but, hey. It makes me happy.

♥ Good conversations, even if they are at ungodly hours of the morning.

♥ Knowing that I have a job this summer and feeling very, very blessed that my supervisor worked with me on that regard.

♥ Dancing with the kids at work. If you’ve never made a fool of yourself with four-year-olds, you better hop to it. There isn’t much better out there than that.

♥ Getting involved with clubs again…

♥ …and especially getting involved with Unitarian Universalism. FINALLY! It only took, what, six years of knowing about UU? And now a lot of work is going to have to happen in order to make the UU group on campus take off and last, but I’m totally up for it.

♥ Hearing, “I came to this meeting because I remembered that really interesting speech you made in class about UU!”. Dear person who said this, you made my day. You don’t even know.

♥ TWLOHA Day being tomorrow. TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) helps people struggling with depression and self-injury. Tomorrow is a day to write love on YOUR arms and show support. A simple Google search will bring up all you need to know.

♥ Making cheese dip.

♥ Weekend plans (again). I’m not even gonna lie—all my plans for this weekend, assuming they work out, are completely kickass. I’m so excited.

from here

♥ Being ready to fight for what I believe in.

♥ Growing as a person.

♥ Having lots of new blog ideas. You’ll be seeing these soon, I’m sure.

As always, you’re invited to comment with the things that made your week!

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TiLT: All the Matter in the World, That’s How Much That I Like You

Things I’m Loving this Thursday….

photo here

♥ Finding purpose on campus. I’ve been watching the other people on my scholarship do some really fantastic things with the opportunities they’ve been given, and although I adore my job, I’ve felt like I haven’t really been doing all I could. However, recently, two different possibilities–one an on-campus job, one a really intriguing volunteer activity, both related to my major–have opened up to me. I thought that being a RA would be good for me, but I didn’t feel called to try for it next year…now I know why. There was something more.

♥ Eating out with friends.
I’m not normally fond of Mexican food, but I’m very, very pleased with the place Alyssa, Kyley and I have designated as our official Mexican restaurant. It’s so good and so fast.

photo by D Sharon Priutt

♥ Clowns! When we went to the aforementioned restaurant, the clown that comes on Tuesdays and makes balloon animals for the kids stopped by our table and gave us a magic show. (: He was so sweet!

♥ Hearing music coming from the windows of the Ford music department on my way back to my dorm.

♥ My Life as Liz.
SUCH A CUTE SHOW. Much love. Much downloading of music. Let her see that fancy footwork.

♥ “Everything is not broken.”

♥ Meeting new people.

♥ Knowing that my soul twin will be back in my state soon.
Dereck is coming home, and I am beyond excited. ❤ I still probably won’t get to see him often, but not often is a whole lot more than never!

♥ Rides from friends and classmates.
I really like walking around Berry because everything is so pretty here, but let’s face it. When it’s cold and wet and I have a quiz next period, I’m not looking on the bright side. But then! Out of the blue! Someone I know pulls up beside me and offers me a ride. A nice, warm car and extra time to study. LOVE.

♥ Damien Rice.
I forgot how much I like his stuff! His cover of Creep is great, too.

And so it is, the shorter story. No love, no glory. No hero in her sky. I can’t take my eyes off you…I can’t take my eyes off you. – The Blower’s Daughter, Damien Rice

♥ The story of The Purple Totem Pole of Friendship.
This thrilling tale was made up by a student worker and a child at my workplace. Excellent.

♥ The Month of Radical Self-Love.
I’m thinking this will be a better fit for a lot of people in February than “The Month of Feeling Lonely and Bitter and Gorging on Chocolate”. We can keep some of the chocolate, though.

♥ Non-scary meetings.

♥ Remembering that I bought a new book.
I literally just remembered I’d bought a new Nicole Krauss book as I was writing this list. AWESOME.

♥ Making plans with friends.

So, what made your week supafantastic (or at least manageable)? Leave a comment or post a list on your own blog!

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On What Ifs, Positive Fear, and Passionate Living

from here

Today, in my Orientation to Psych class, my professor was telling us about what it takes to make it into graduate school and to get a Masters or PhD. Now, as someone who needs to get her Masters and really should get a PhD or PsyD to do anything specific in the field, grad school is a given. Today’s talk left me feeling a little more prepared, but mostly just scared senseless. I mean…

What if I don’t get into a good school?

What if I don’t get into a school at all?

What if I can’t pay for it?

What if, whilst taking my Writtens or Orals (or their equivalent), I get a question I have absolutely no idea how to answer?

What if I can’t find a subject for my dissertation?

I think we ask ourselves these sorts of questions a lot. Well, not necessarily these questions–we aren’t all freaked out about grad school–but the “what ifs”. Some of them are pretty silly. For example, if I couldn’t find a subject I thought was important enough to do the research required for a dissertation, then Psych is not the field for me and that worry is irrelevant. Still, some of the “what ifs” make sense. It is a very real concern that I may not be able to pay my way through grad school. So what if I can’t?

Well, then I can’t.

“What ifs” are a waste of time not necessarily because they won’t happen, but because you can’t do anything about them. All we can do is prepare ourselves as much as possible for the task ahead of us, then tackle it. Exuberantly. Without question. With passion.

There are two things I’ve learned about life lately, and though I have a long way to go, I think they have to be two of the most important things I’ll ever learn.

Here’s the first one.


It doesn’t mean you have to love everything you do. Brushing our teeth isn’t usually ecstasy-inducing, but it’s something that needs to happen. What it means is that everything you do should be done to get yourself into a life you are wild about. I don’t mean a life you can tolerate or a life where you’ll always be comfortable. I mean a life you are truly, madly, head-over-toenails in love with.

I can tell you now that it won’t be easy to get to that kind of life. You’ll have to do things that make you feel awkward, and change things that hurt to change, and push yourself harder than ever. You have to find out what you’re made of. But if you ask me, that’s what life’s about, anyway. Finding what you’re made of, what you can contribute, what your purpose is…and then fulfilling it.

The second thing I’ve learned is what relates most to what we discussed in class today, which is simply that if what you’re doing doesn’t make you afraid on some level, it isn’t worth doing.

Think about it. Getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Your first kiss. Your first day at college, or your first day on the job, or even getting a new haircut. It all comes with a certain degree of fear, from a tickle in your stomach to a writhing pit of snakes there. If we were never nervous, it would mean that we were following the same routine all the time, and the same routine…well, it produces the same results. You can’t grow that way; you stagnate. And really, who wants to live a stagnant life?

well, of course

To tag on to the end of this entry, I have a little bit of shameless advertising. Don’t worry; it’s not for me.

Miss Gala Darling has declared February the month of Radical Self-Love. She’ll be posting articles throughout the month about how to, well, have radical self-love. Gala is a wonderful source of inspiration, and I’m sure she’ll put out some goodies. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I do highly recommend her.

Click on the picture to read more about it at iCiNG!


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