TiLT: All the Matter in the World, That’s How Much That I Like You

Things I’m Loving this Thursday….

photo here

♥ Finding purpose on campus. I’ve been watching the other people on my scholarship do some really fantastic things with the opportunities they’ve been given, and although I adore my job, I’ve felt like I haven’t really been doing all I could. However, recently, two different possibilities–one an on-campus job, one a really intriguing volunteer activity, both related to my major–have opened up to me. I thought that being a RA would be good for me, but I didn’t feel called to try for it next year…now I know why. There was something more.

♥ Eating out with friends.
I’m not normally fond of Mexican food, but I’m very, very pleased with the place Alyssa, Kyley and I have designated as our official Mexican restaurant. It’s so good and so fast.

photo by D Sharon Priutt

♥ Clowns! When we went to the aforementioned restaurant, the clown that comes on Tuesdays and makes balloon animals for the kids stopped by our table and gave us a magic show. (: He was so sweet!

♥ Hearing music coming from the windows of the Ford music department on my way back to my dorm.

♥ My Life as Liz.
SUCH A CUTE SHOW. Much love. Much downloading of music. Let her see that fancy footwork.

♥ “Everything is not broken.”

♥ Meeting new people.

♥ Knowing that my soul twin will be back in my state soon.
Dereck is coming home, and I am beyond excited. ❤ I still probably won’t get to see him often, but not often is a whole lot more than never!

♥ Rides from friends and classmates.
I really like walking around Berry because everything is so pretty here, but let’s face it. When it’s cold and wet and I have a quiz next period, I’m not looking on the bright side. But then! Out of the blue! Someone I know pulls up beside me and offers me a ride. A nice, warm car and extra time to study. LOVE.

♥ Damien Rice.
I forgot how much I like his stuff! His cover of Creep is great, too.

And so it is, the shorter story. No love, no glory. No hero in her sky. I can’t take my eyes off you…I can’t take my eyes off you. – The Blower’s Daughter, Damien Rice

♥ The story of The Purple Totem Pole of Friendship.
This thrilling tale was made up by a student worker and a child at my workplace. Excellent.

♥ The Month of Radical Self-Love.
I’m thinking this will be a better fit for a lot of people in February than “The Month of Feeling Lonely and Bitter and Gorging on Chocolate”. We can keep some of the chocolate, though.

♥ Non-scary meetings.

♥ Remembering that I bought a new book.
I literally just remembered I’d bought a new Nicole Krauss book as I was writing this list. AWESOME.

♥ Making plans with friends.

So, what made your week supafantastic (or at least manageable)? Leave a comment or post a list on your own blog!


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