TiLT: There’s Nothing Here to Run From (We Live in a Beautiful World)

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

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♥ Watching the realm of possibility peel open like a flower. Last week, I said that I was excited to finally be finding some purpose on campus. Since then, that purpose has absolutely exploded. I can’t say too much yet, especially since I don’t know if it’s going to work out exactly how I’d like…but it looks very, very good, even so. This is the most exhilarated and motivated I’ve felt in a long time.

♥ The term “Two Thousand and Amen”. I think it will be quite befitting of 2010.

♥ Hints from the Universe that say, “Yes, do THAT!”.

♥ The rainbow after the rain.

♥ Dressing extra-warm and not letting the weather bother me. That’s right. T-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt, big reversible coat (turned on the bright pink side today!), striped gloves, and pajama pants under jeans. I was ready. Bring it on, weather!

♥ Rodeo chicken sandwiches. I don’t even know why I like these things so much, but, hey. It makes me happy.

♥ Good conversations, even if they are at ungodly hours of the morning.

♥ Knowing that I have a job this summer and feeling very, very blessed that my supervisor worked with me on that regard.

♥ Dancing with the kids at work. If you’ve never made a fool of yourself with four-year-olds, you better hop to it. There isn’t much better out there than that.

♥ Getting involved with clubs again…

♥ …and especially getting involved with Unitarian Universalism. FINALLY! It only took, what, six years of knowing about UU? And now a lot of work is going to have to happen in order to make the UU group on campus take off and last, but I’m totally up for it.

♥ Hearing, “I came to this meeting because I remembered that really interesting speech you made in class about UU!”. Dear person who said this, you made my day. You don’t even know.

♥ TWLOHA Day being tomorrow. TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms) helps people struggling with depression and self-injury. Tomorrow is a day to write love on YOUR arms and show support. A simple Google search will bring up all you need to know.

♥ Making cheese dip.

♥ Weekend plans (again). I’m not even gonna lie—all my plans for this weekend, assuming they work out, are completely kickass. I’m so excited.

from here

♥ Being ready to fight for what I believe in.

♥ Growing as a person.

♥ Having lots of new blog ideas. You’ll be seeing these soon, I’m sure.

As always, you’re invited to comment with the things that made your week!


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