TiLT: Beautiful Things Can Come From the Dark

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

(can’t remember the photographer! will find out)

♥ The fact that Thursday means this week is almost over. These past three days have been rather testy for me, so I’m ready to start my weekend and come back refreshed. Almost there!

Throwing apples as a stress reliever.

♥ Meeting the Psych professors at my college. This week, my Orientation to Psychology class has consisted of having professors come in, introduce themselves, their expertise, and their interests, and answer whatever questions we may have. Everyone we’ve met so far has been pretty much incredible. I love my department. 🙂

♥ Being able to write again. I’ve been stuck for words lately when I’ve really needed to write from an emotional standpoint, so I’m happy that I finally seem to be breaking out of that.

♥ Warmer weather.

♥ Last weekend. I had an excellent dinner and conversation with a friend, then went to another friend’s house with a group of people I love very much. We watched Disney movies, had more good conversations, and attempted to record our singing together….which was fun, despite the fact that we never got a good-quality recording. Next time!

photo by David Slade (in front of our building of financial doom, no less)

♥ Coming back on campus to meet an army of melting snowmen.

♥ Setting up an interview time at my hopeful place of employment next year. I worry that I’ll be considered too liberal for my college to put me in this particular position, but I was honest on my application and I will be honest in my interview. I’m hoping that they’ll see that I genuinely care about the issues I’ve mentioned and about people and also that I’m trying hard to do the right thing, not just push my own agenda…and they’ll hire me. Keeping my fingers crossed!

♥ My new writing journal. I can’t help it, okay? I’m addicted to journals. D:

♥ My ankle feeling better after I twisted it last Tuesday…and again on Sunday!

♥ Having dress clothes. I just feel more prepared now. I had next to nothing in that regard when I came here, and now I’m ready for fieldwork and interviews and maaaaybe even semi-formals. …But probably not. XP

♥ Getting writing comments/critiques. I love it when people take time to point out what’s wrong with my writing in a non-rude way. It means that a) they aren’t just skimming through it and saying “good job! love it!” to be nice and b) they care about what I care about, which is working to make the writers out there even better. That said, I also love getting comments like, say, this one:

“i agree with the other reviewers. your words are so powerful and delicate.

the story itself shows everything and could easily be the most memorable thing i have ever read.”



This was so beautiful. I’m sitting here in my English class and the teacher is talking, yet I’m sitting on this laptop and reading, like my eyes can’t be torn away from this. I want to cry after reading this, like I’m overflowing with emotion or something. I loved the last line the best.

I’m still in shock.”

Touching people is exactly what I want to do through my writing, so to hear that I have is all I can ask for. More than I can ask for.

♥ Seeing two of my friends start their own TiLTs! This is probably one of my favorite things this week, since I really believe in the idea of practicing gratitude and looking for the little joys in your life, and all of us have a hard time doing that at some point. I can only imagine how happy Gala, the original creator of TiLT, feels watching more and more people add their positivity to the mix each week.

You know the drill…what are you loving this Thursday? (:


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