Make Happiness Happen March (AKA: Things Coming Into Place and Self-Photography Thoughts)

Some of you who’ve been around me may have realized that I’ve been in a little bit of a slump lately. That’s one reason why this blog, which I’d like to keep more upbeat and positive, hasn’t been updated so much. However, I’ve done some life re-evaluation this weekend, and I think things are going to get much better from here! I have so much planned for the future and I’m very excited to get started.

One of these things is the month of self-portraits that I mentioned in my last post. You know, although I thought the project would be interesting, I’d never really put any thought into why someone would do it. Here’s my mini-list:

♥ Flexing creativity! Unless you’re going to sit in front of your webcam each day and shoot thirty identical shots, taking a photograph of yourself for 30 days (or 365, as the flickr group does!) forces you to think outside the box to keep things interesting. There’s also a list of mini-challenges you can take on, and I definitely plan to try some of them.

♥ It helps you be more comfortable with yourself. If you have to really look at your face and figure out how you look best, then you start to realize which of your features you like, and this leads to appreciating your physical appearance more. While it’s not something any of us needs to get stuck on, there is so much negativity about self-image out there now.  Of course beauty comes from the inside, but that doesn’t mean you’re ugly on the outside, either! You can shine from the inside out.

♥ You’re able to see how much you change as time goes on. Admittedly, most of us don’t have radical changes in physical appearance in a month…but imagine this project on a year-long scale! Either way, it’s fun to have a month of your life documented in pictures.

♥ Improving photography skills. Right, so that’s kind of a given. Still!

I’m sure there are more reasons to do this project, and maybe I’ll find them out as the month wears on.

Moooving right along…

Another good thing that’s going on is that I’ve done the tweaks to the blog’s appearance that I said were going to happen soon. There will likely be more tweaking in the future, but at least I have a teeny bit more originality than using the headers wordpress provides.

Finally, as the photograph in this post shows (the first of my self-portrait collection!), I am actually taking my vitamins again, after not doing so well with keeping up with it in February. YAY! I’m going to try and stick with it this time. (:

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

So maybe March is not a themed month on my blog, but for me personally, it seems to be Make Happiness Happen March. What projects are you guys working on?


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