TiLT: Walk My Way

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

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Knowing that it’s almost Fall Break.

Listen. No, we still aren’t official, and the day we could be appears to rest far, far in the future, but there are more things we can do than I originally realized. We’re holding a candlelight vigil for the six GLBTQ youths who have recently committed suicide on October 20th, and while the fact that this happened is terrible, the fact that we will be allowed to recognize it is not. Ideally, the day before the vigil will be used for speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves anymore. We also plan to participate in the It Gets Better project. It feel so good to be doing something.

Talking with Geoff about our Unitarian Universalist Group finally getting the acceptance it deserves. Hearing about it was good enough, but hearing about it from him and seeing the expression on his face was even better. I can hardly wait for our next meeting.

Spending Thursday night with friends. I can’t really imagine much else I’d rather be doing than hanging with Alex and Kyley.

Jamming to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as I write this.

♥ Mountain Day Weekend.
It was pretty fun this year, and I definitely enjoyed spending time with my mom and brother. (Even if Kyley and I appear horrified to be trapped inside the Berry Bubble, it isn’t always so bad.)

Seeing things I love from the perspective of someone new to them. I could probably rewrite this as “Watching Alex discover RENT and appreciate Berry’s gorgeous campus”.

New blogs. That would include Escaping the Box, a blog I’ll be co-authoring with Alex and another friend from our hometown, and the restarting (again! haha!) of Alex’s personal blog, this time called A Pundit in Progress.

Alex. He has so much to do with stuff this week, he might as well get his own damn heart.

My roommate. While we’re talking about awesome people, Anna doesn’t get enough recognition. You guys, my roommate is incredible. For serious.

Getting my lab exam and World History midterm out of the way. So much stress. So glad they’re over.

Random lyric snippets that get stuck in my head.


What are you loving this Thursday? (:


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  1. I like getting my own damn heart! 🙂 And RENT and Berry are definitely in my highlights for the week as well!

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