TiLT: Joy to the World, Your Arms Kept Me Warm

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

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♥ Hunting for indie/folk/alternative Christmas tunes. Christmas music is one of my guilty little pleasures. I can listen to it any time of the year. Mostly I like traditional tunes—“O Holy Night” is a favorite—but sometimes, you just gotta jam it your style.

♥ The lovely, perfect Autumn weather we had today.

♥ Free cake. There are so many birthdays happening this week. They come with cake. Homemade chocolate cake. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Mmm, cake. And, yanno, I happen to like the people, too. (;

♥ Publishing Escaping The Box’s first post! Check it out? More is coming very soon!

♥ Working on Christmas presents.

from here

♥ Bringing my cold weather clothing back to school. Sweaters and hats and scarves, I love thee~.

♥ Seeing all the kids I work with in their cute little Halloween outfits.

♥ Great song covers.

♥ The way my World Religions and World History classes work together.

♥ Learning about Buddhism. Yes, I like learning about other religions in general, but…well, the Three Turnings of the Wheel, in particular? Such cool, interesting concepts in those teachings.

What are you loving this week? (:


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One response to “TiLT: Joy to the World, Your Arms Kept Me Warm

  1. Buddhism is really interesting. We’re just finishing up with it. Now we’re moving on to Taoism, Confucianism, and Shinto. :]

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