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Happy Holidays!


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TiLT: With a Heart Full of Mess and Lore

Hey! If you still haven’t gotten all your presents for the holidays, don’t forget to check out my gift-giving guide for some ideas.

Things I’m Loving This Thursday…

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Tomorrow being the last day of the semester. I still have to work throughout most of my break, but the important part is, after my two finals tomorrow, I am finished with Fall Semester 2010. Victory!

Christmas bells are riiiiinging.

Finally picking up my UUBC shirt. The Unitarian Universalist group here at Berry recently had some T-shirts made, and I was super-happy to finally get mine yesterday.

Mixed CDs. Making, receiving…mixed CDs make life better.

Going out for dinner and exchanging Christmas gifts with friends.

Also, celebratory sparkling grape juice with said friends, complete with colored wineglasses. ‘Cause we are cool kids, yo.

Being excited about the upcoming Christmas dinner and White Elephant exchange with MORE friends back home. I love my Berry friends, but there is a lot to be said for the people I’ve stayed close to from my hometown. They are my loves absolutely.

Working on gifts. I adore giving/buying/making presents.

Listening to fabulous music while I write this.

Seeing Alex tomorrow. Because Alex time = good conversation.

Getting to hang at my favorite professor’s place.

Seeing all the kids at work dressed in their holiday clothes. It’s hard to believe they can look cuter than they do in that photo, huh? They can!

Getting ideas for new blog entries. Finals week is almost over, and then I can go back to having a brain when I sit down at my computer rather than a head full of mush and Biology. Speaking of…

The fact that I’ll never have to take another Bio class ever again for the rest of my liiiife.

Having a free day today. No finals. No work. Let’s forget that there’s still lots of cleaning and studying to do.

Our special reindeer friend who is smiling cheerfully at me with his crooked face every time I step into my hall. Anna and I have a friend here for Christmas! He is deformed. We love him dearly.

And now, dear reader, what are you loving this Thursday?

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