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2011: These Hands are Mine

Flashback to the last few minutes of 2010. I’m standing between two people of whom I’m rather fond, surrounded by many more I hardly even know, holding a shot of sparkling something-or-other because I’m hardcore like that (besides, house parties run by parents don’t offer adult beverages to the under-21 crowd), and trying to learn Auld Lang Syne in a hurry. I didn’t know if the delightful corniness of New Year’s Eve 2010 could be topped, but the Disney karaoke has managed do it. Still, I’m feeling great…and that’s saying something, since the music blaring from the television really, really sucks.

Hi, 2011. How do you do?

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I guess the most normal thing to do for a New Year’s entry would be to write a little review of last year. Instead of chronicling all the events of my life from 1/1/10 to 12/31/10, I’ll just talk about my resolutions and how they panned out.

One of my resolutions for 2010 was to get healthier. This was broken down into starting a skin care regime, slacking on soda, and making a spiritual journal. I managed to carry through with the first two; though my face could use a little more TLC, I now have a cleanser I like and—gasp!—use moisturizer on a regular basis. I also did the 21-day soda detox and ended up deciding to do away with pop altogether. I’m not hard on myself about it—if I feel like a Dr. Pepper or Mello Yello, I’ll have one—but that situation may crop up once or twice a month. The spiritual journal I began for myself didn’t get very far, but I did start a group one that has yielded some lovely results and, I think, taught me more than I ever would have learned on my own.

Another resolution was to get more organized. I try to be honest on Breadcrumbs, so honestly…this resolution failed. Big time. I’ll continue to work on it, but I’ve also accepted that I’m probably never, ever going to be the sort of person who has a color-coded anything.

The third resolution was to be more myself. This I’ve done, though not as thoroughly as I’d have liked. I went out more, and I stuck with two out of my four clubs and half-heartedly with a third (mostly because of time constraints). As for working on and writing the 101 in 1001 List, I did check off a few more things, but since I’ve decided to abandon it as a project (at least for now), I never finished the actual writing of it.

My last resolution was to focus on the things that mattered. This came and went in flashes, but I did gain an idea of how very important it is to master.

If that was what happened in 2010, then now, I suppose, would be the time to write about my New Year’s resolutions for 2011. There’s just one problem.

I didn’t make any.

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Calm yourselves! I haven’t jumped on the resolutions-are-useless bandwagon. To the contrary, I think they can be very powerful if used correctly. The thing is, resolutions should be broken into specific, measureable goals. You need to be able to know exactly what you’re doing so that you can hold yourself to it and be able to determine your degree of success at the end of the year. I wrote an entry last year about making good resolutions, and I could add a ton to it now, but funnily enough, I found someone today who’s already taken care of that for me.

His name is Chris Brogan, and you can read the entry I’m talking about here. Chris wrote briefly about SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals, and these are what I believe New Year’s resolutions should be. However, he wrote about this under the context of setting intentions for the New Year. All of your SMART goals will relate back to your main intentions.

Now, I’d already planned on creating a New Year’s intention for myself—a theme for the year, if you will—after reading what Gretchen Wilson of the Happiness Project had to say about it. However, I was having a problem coming up with just one theme. How could one word or phrase encompass everything I wanted to strive for in 2011?

Luckily, Chris’s entry came to the rescue. He suggested three words instead of one. Problem solved for my overly-verbal self.

So, after much Zotz-eating and thinking, here are my three words for 2011:

Detox. Discover. Do.

Detox has a lot to do with removing myself from the way the media and the educational system and even family and friends have taught me to look at the world. It also has a lot to do with stripping off my own lovely layer of negativity and bitterness. There is so much bullshit we believe just because we’ve never known better. There are ridiculous ideas about what we accept and what we should accept, of what healthy means, of what sexuality is, of what we can do as individuals, of how we should treat other people, and of how worthy we are of anything, including love. In 2011, I want to remove these negative, unrealistic views from my life.

Discover. I’ve reached a point in my journey that has left the future looking pretty hazy. I know more about myself than I ever have before, but I want to dig more into what really makes my heart churn so that I can go after it. I want to discover more about who I am and what I can offer, I want to discover more about the people around me and what part they play in my future, and I want to swandive right into that haze.

Do is pretty self-explanatory, but, of course, I’ll explain it anyway. I do a lot of talking. I do a lot of thinking. I definitely do a lot of worrying. But how much do I literally, physically do? Not enough. In 2011, I’m going to change that.

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So what about you? Resolutions, intentions, a handful of hopes? Tell me what’s going on with you in 2011! Who knows? Maybe we can help each other.


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