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About the Blog

To explain this blog, it would be easiest to start with its name. Breadcrumbs was chosen for several different reasons, and the reasons embody what this project was intended to be.

The name Breadcrumbs was selected first and foremost because this blog has no particular topic that it’s based around. Instead, it contains little pieces of my life, my thoughts, and the things I’ve learned…breadcrumbs from a much bigger meal.

The name also comes from Hansel and Gretel, where the children attempt to make a trail of breadcrumbs to lead them back home when they get left in the woods. In my way, I’m also trying to put down a trail to something better, a piece of advice that can help someone or give them a new way to look at things, though of course I hope my breadcrumbs aren’t eaten by birds.

The final reason for my blog’s existance is not based on its name but on a goal of mine. Typically, I keep paper journals or personal online journals where the entries are only viewable by myself and a handful of friends. For my private life, that works out fantastically; not everyone needs to know how I’m feeling at any given moment or what I bought at WalMart last Tuesday. However, one of the goals I’d like to complete during my time on earth is to reach and help people in whatever manner seems best, whether it be through my writing, through my work, or through a social networking site. Like anyone, I have things going on in my life that I want to keep private, but there are also plenty of things I want to share. Breadcrumbs is a place where I can share them.


About the Girl

My life is pretty normal, I think, which gives it the capability to be extraordinary. I’m a Psychology major as well as a Women’s Studies and English double minor residing on a beautiful college campus in Georgia. Eventually, I want to become a professional psychologist and work in counseling. Right now, I work with preschool-aged children. Writing is a huge part of my life, and I hope I can always combine it with whatever else I’m doing.

As for any other details…well. I’m opinionated about certain things, but open to listening to anyone else’s view. I’m an avid reader and always searching for new music (suggest some for me!). I can be way too emotional. I look at astrology for fun, not to base my day around it, but I 100% totally and completely fit my sign, Taurus. I’m in love with life.

Likes: folk rock brightly colored hair warm vanilla sugar from bath and bodyworks wild eyeshadow bookstores heart-shaped sunglasses people who make me think fruit decora the ocean paris, france being in a choir lots&lots of other things

Dislikes: inequality being touched by strangers most vegetables, unfortunately cherry coke violence scary movies the word “can’t” being lied to pessimism