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you are remarkable

I could tell you about this blog, but I think the creators explain it best. Here is what they say on their mission page:

“plain and simple, the mission is: to spread big or small bits of love and things that make you smile and laugh, little bits of unexpected happiness and affirmation. we believe in feeling good and spreading it; we want everyone everywhere to know that somebody somewhere loves you. because you are amazing in all your strange and wonderful ways.” – you are remarkable


Learning to Love You More

Okay. Learning to Love You More may be outdated, as it no longer updates with new projects or submissions, but it still awesome to browse and to try. It’s basically a list of project ideas designed to help you…well…learn to love yourself more! Or just to laugh and have fun. (:


Embodiment is a livejournal community based on a project in which one attempts to write a journal entry every day of their life for a year. The community itself contains questions about journalling and journalling supplies and excerpts from both art journals and text-only journals. Jr__nal is also good for excerpts.

1000 Awesome Things

Pretty much what it sounds like. A list of one thousand awesome things. Entertaining and smile-inducing read, though I question some of their conclusions. (Is earwax falling out really that awesome?)

GMH – Gives Me Hope

Gives Me Hope is a happy alternative to FML (Fuck My Life). I’m also a fan of MLIA (My Life is Average), especially since I think a lot of those entries could belong on GMH. Apparently there’s a site called It Made My Day, too, that may be worth checking out…


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